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Welcome to the new website of the antiquarian bookshop Oskam-Neeven. We are specialized in books, photographs, post cards, magazines, videos and CD-Roms about the First World War, Second World War, aviation during these wars, and Civil Aviation. In our (closed) shop we have about 10,000 new and second hand books related to these subjects, as well as documents and memorabilia ready for your inspection.

Aad Neeven Giesbert Oskam

Giesbert Oskam started the bookshop some thirty years ago, and Aad Neeven had the pleasure to join him in May 1997. We are both very much involved in collecting aviation and Second World War related documents and photographs. Over time we noticed that more and more people became interested in these subjects. Unfortunately there was no 'real' place to turn too. The problem for the collector was, and still is: "where can I buy these books?" We have solved this question.

Most of the time we have hard to find, and out of print books, as well as used books in stock. As soon as new titles arrive we add them to the lists on our website. So please keep visiting our site on a regular basis if you want to know all about new -or antiquarian books. New books are often hard to find and also quite expensive if you have to order copies yourself from publisher's abroad. Now it is easy, you can buy almost any book directly from us. As special service we will try to locate it for you if we don't have it in stock. Just try !!

We are very happy to announce that as of 1 September we have our new shop. Collectors are made very welcome. On Saturday we are open all day, but please contact us by phone for an appointment. Our new telephone number is 06-36162703. You can find us at "Bedrijventerrein Oosthuizen", Ambachtsweg 8c, 1474 HW Oosthuizen.

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Giesbert Oskam was born in Amersfoort, The Netherlands in 1949. Already at a young age he became very interested in the battles fought in the surrounding area of the town during the Second World War in an attempt to stop the German troops invading the country. He started to collect information about the battles and other military events during the dreadful May 1940 period. Presently he owns a rather big collection of books, documents and photographs of these events. In his working life he got attached to "aerial photography", but later changed profession. Still he collects everything concerning the Dutch aviation industry from its infancy to the present day. Manufacturers like Fokker, Koolhoven and the Schelde have his keen interest. Articles from his hand about them are found in different aviation magazines. One of his great ambitions was to have a Lockheed L-749 plying the Dutch skies. In 1988 he set up the Stichting Constellation Nederland (SCN) when such a Constellation came for sale on the market. A deal was struck with the owners; the Canadian firm Conifair, but the task proved to be enormous. The SCN and the Dutch National Aviation theme park and Museum Aviodrome, joined hands, and the "Connie" landed in September 2002 at her new "home" at Lelystad. A book about the history of the Constellation was the next logical step. He proudly announced that they were sold quickly after being put up for sale. Besides that he collects rare aviation books, and this is how the bookshop started thirty years ago.

Aad Neeven is also involved in aviation. He was a crew chief on the F-84F Thunderstreak when he served in the Royal Dutch Air Force. Six years later he joined Saudi Arabian Airlines and worked in Jeddah as a licend engineer on the famous DC-3, B-707 and B-737. Having seen enough "sand" he joined Bristow Helicopters and became involved in seismic operations in the Iranian deserts. Fixed wing aircraft had his interest and after the interesting period in Iran he joined Fokker as logistic advisor for the Middle East. He remained with the company till its demise in different capacities, the latest being Sales Manager for Burma and Vietnam. Due to his involvement in aviation he co-authored a book on wartime flying events over his hometown, Haarlem, The Netherlands, where he was born in 1946. As a freelance writer he writes articles for different aviation magazines. Always a keen collector of aviation memorabilia, he has a vast collection of photographs, documents and books, a passion he shares with Giesbert.

For a group of collectors we compile a monthly list of about eighty books from our stock. If you like to receive this list as well, please contact us. Of course you can also visit us, however, please call for an appointment. We always like to talk to fellow collectors.

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